Life on Earth is a Trap for Our Divine Essence. How to Get Out of It.

We live in an artificial structure created to trap divine parts that survived energy downgrading of Earth and the race before ours’, which happened long time ago. This is the result of the in-depth studies carried out by the spiritual researcher Fiorella Rustici in over forty years.

Her expertize is to understand how the mind works in relation to consciousness, that is, to understand why, faced with possible choices, we always find ourselves discovering, in hindsight, that we have taken the wrong one, with its negative consequences in life. So if you ever thought it was difficult to act to make positive changes in life and in society, now you know that you have an enemy to fight that has been working against you for some eons.
“I had my first existential crisis when I was one year and a half old,” Mrs Rustici tells us, “when my mom made me look at myself in the mirror after having me dressed up as Pierrot. Like all small children my spirit was far from my body but it was already aware because it came from other lives where I had followed spiritual paths in which I had acquired knowledge and wisdom. In that moment, seeing my body in the mirror, I had an intuition that clearly revealed humanity degradation level to me. And I immediately understood the difficulties that spiritual beings who had remained here to help recover still recoverable survivor divine essence from the last Earth and its inhabitants’ downgrading, before it would suffer another dimensional and energy downgrading, would have encountered”.

Rustici sees the human animal race and Earth’s progressive spiritual downfall, and she then understands that previous spiritual paths had not been sufficient to recover the divine parts that had remained trapped on this planet, and that a new study, that should go deeper than the already acquired knowledge, it was needed.
In fact, not everyone had evolved, and it was essential to refine spiritual research by going to a deeper layer where it was possible to awaken consciousness and give it back the divine dignity that every spiritual part should have and deserve. Thus, she discovers that mental energy, through which everything moves and exists, is regulated by laws that were still unknown, and called them Mental Mechanics.
“I called them mental mechanics,” Rustici recalls, “because by studying the laws of mental energy I discovered that we live in an artificially created structure, therefore in an artificial mechanical and technological mind. Mental mechanics originate from getting to know this artificial mechanical technological mind. In this regard I am very happy that many quantum and traditional scientists’ recent research are confirming with their experiments that this is the reality in which we live in”.
As there are many laws in the field of physics, chemistry or biology, the laws of mental energy are also numerous and are continuously reproducing themselves because they are constantly active, just like the force of gravity that keeps us stuck to Earth and Bernoulli’s law that makes planes fly.
One of these is the law, or mental mechanics, of copying. In 1978, when Rustici began its research to a deeper layer, she discovered that one of the main mental mechanisms, which is present on our planet, is the ability of our brain mental energy to copy not only our surrounding environment but also everything we come in contact with.
“This mechanic becomes very negative when our cerebral mind makes no difference between what we are with our experiences and thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, and what others feel and that we copy. That is what traditional science has begun to study for several years as the mirror neurons phenomenon, even if they have not yet succeeded in understanding all the related complications and the reasons why this mental law was created “.
Many other important mental mechanics, Fiorella explains, originate from genetic mind, which comes from our maternal and paternal ancestors’ memories that we have recorded inside our mind, which we partially find in the most famous law of inheritance. In addition to enjoying much creativity and talents that come from these memories, we also must deal with their consciences influence that bring sense of guilt and self-punishment into our lives. In fact, we repeat what our ancestors lived during their death and near-death experiences, because those moments remain recorded in our mind, together with the animal part contents that each of them carries, because we are a human animal species.

“Mental mechanics are the same for everyone,” explains Fiorella, “because they are the basis of the artificial structure that keeps everyone in living the same things. We can believe that we are unique and different from others, but it is an illusion. Diversity is perceived by the experiences that one can make, but the thoughts, feelings, emotions, conflicts, and fears we live are always the same for everyone “.

Uniqueness is found instead in the divine spark that many of us still have inside and that, as Fiorella reveals us, “those like me, have come here to recover. It is a decision taken by those parts that have love for life, to stay to help the trapped consciences. We are Beings that have come to recover many surviving and still recoverable divine sparks. According to my research, spiritual degradation stems from the lack of knowledge of the mind and the various traps within it. In absence of this knowledge the individual can only live his humanity as a human animal species, without being able to regain possession and live in his spiritual qualities and powers.

It’s therefore worth knowing the functioning of mental mechanics, Rustici tells us, “to understand them, to observe them, not to fall in their effect, and above all not to identify with them, because the mind with its mental mechanics has neither conscience nor self-awareness. Only a consciousness that has developed its own spirituality, including mental mechanics awareness, can get out of the identifications of the mind itself and connect with non-artificial realities with its characteristics of pure love, light, joy and life, typical of its own divine part ”.

“When a person understands mental mechanics, he develops a conscience with his own positive scale of values, and he will become a person who will put remedy to his mistakes, recreates justice where he depleted it, fights to have a better world where there is love, respect, ethics and spiritual values to be included in all areas of his life “.

Furthermore, personal spiritual evolution is intrinsically linked to social evolution. “Understanding is the heart of life!” Says Fiorella. “Being all connected, we are subject to the critical mass law. So, if a lot of people work on understanding the artificial mental structure in which they are trapped and manage to get out of it, they also help others who are connected to them. This understanding will pass into the collective consciousness. Even if not all will undertake a specific spiritual path, they will still find this wisdom in themselves in a natural way, as if it were one of their characteristics, thus simultaneously obtaining an individual and social spiritual evolution “.

Only this way, thriving for this desired goal, our Pierrot will be able to dry his eternal tear and rediscover the smile of spiritual joy.

Simona Valesi, Interview with Fiorella Rustici.

Translation by Simona Valesi

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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