Lilies among the roses

Mystical smiles among the roses.Within the perimeters of the garden the multiverse expresses its symbols.Your faith is in the lilies among the roses, my Lord,the future is in the past and in the caves your pain. After long searching on the planet of the apes,gold is in the garden, but Eve ate Your apple.It isContinua a leggere “Lilies among the roses”

Alchemical Journey

They called her a witch,but she was only a woman of darkness, who carried in the palms of her hands 2 spheres: time and space and sometimes whispered incomprehensible words:loirtiv.The secret in the heart. They called her a witch,but she was only a woman of darkness,who reflected the light of the sun; she was that beautiful. SheContinua a leggere “Alchemical Journey”

A Poem for You

You are Magic … even when you are not thereBecause caught up in the feeling of not being enoughOf not being loved.Like a bubble of Light that envelops youIn moments of absolute darkness And turns you into the brightest You.But it is You … Where were you looking?In the most miraculous deceptive appearancesThat will never satisfy youExceptContinua a leggere “A Poem for You”

A wish for truth

I wantedTo go beyond the veil of appearanceAnd see the truth.I wantedTo go beyond the veil of illusionAnd love.  My wish gave me strength.Then I saw the only strength I haveIs the understandingThat belongs to the conscience.No one can take it away from me anymoreNot even the dark parts of me.In this mutual belongingI willContinua a leggere “A wish for truth”