Life Between Light and Shadow

Life is strange … we build our certainties in the form of thoughts or matter and they become the illuminated area of our life. The rest is in shadow. When we are inflexible on our certainties, then the illuminated area of our life remains unchanged, as the one in shadow. When, on the contrary, ourContinua a leggere “Life Between Light and Shadow”

When I still thought I was a Goddes

An echo of the past between myth and reality The planet where I was born is not the one I come from, which I will never be able to know. I never admitted to anybody, not even to myself, that precisely that distance will be fixed in my mind as a fault compared to thoseContinua a leggere “When I still thought I was a Goddes”

Joint Meditation proposal on 20th march 2021

We are in an era of great changes for all humanity. At this point in history when the dark powers are conjuring surgical attacks on mankind, the forces of those who have chosen the ‘Path of Light’ must strive together. A difficult journey that for many years has led us to live from age toContinua a leggere “Joint Meditation proposal on 20th march 2021”

Change will set you free

We have spent our life learning to do things so well that we have been able to do them with closed eyes, and we haven’t realized that we’ve ultimately gone blind. We worked very hard on ensuring that our daily actions became methodical, that our commitments became routine and our duties were consolidated to makeContinua a leggere “Change will set you free”

Once Upon A Time There Was A Desire…

I was about 17 and was studying sitting on the bed of my room. I was in high school and I really loved studying very much. My dream was to travel and discover the world, but it was not yet clear to me how I could make that dream come true; there seemed to beContinua a leggere “Once Upon A Time There Was A Desire…”

Towards healing of humanity

Welcome to the change Humanity is heading towards a new era, where the purpose of progress will no more be a rat race to get better technologies than our neighbour, but the development of relations based on spirituality and cooperation among all. Every change brings along suffering because of the things we have to leaveContinua a leggere “Towards healing of humanity”

A Letter to Italy

Dear Italy, I love you! It is important that you know it and it is also very important that I say it out loud, that I write it, that I remember it and that I keep it very clear in my head … because for too long I have forgotten it! I haven’t traveled theContinua a leggere “A Letter to Italy”