The Reality We Believe is the Reality We Create

The reality we believe is the reality we create. Thoughts, considerations and emotions are the engine of the reality we ultimately choose to live.

We are Creators, and our creative and divine energy resides unconsciously within us, in the only place we hardly ever look. In fact, we are programmed to use only our physical senses, with our attention constantly turned outwards, ready to be triggered and respond to whatever stimuli we receive from the skilled manipulators of the structure we live in, from the people we meet or the news we see… Every time attention shifts to a piece of news, be it true or false, and we become outraged, angry, or we think it might be true and we live in fear, or we are happy because we want it to be true… it doesn’t matter, in those moments we are the co-producers of the film that is proposed to us, unaware creators of reality, even when we don’t like that reality at all.

We are literally stealing our own resources that serve us to reach our dreams, accomplish our goals, live our lives and create our reality with justice, coherence, love and loyalty to ourselves.

It is harsh, but unfortunately it is true. We are often told things that did not happen, so that we make them come true with our emotions, thoughts and considerations. Our thoughts are electrical energy, which contains the reality we have believed, while our emotions are magnetic energy, which attracts that very reality. So, it is not surprising that today we find ourselves living in such a cruel reality, so far from the source of all things. We should ask ourselves, What have we done with our lives in recent years? Where have we been as consciences? Do we know what it means to Be? The results speak for themselves: we have contributed to creating a sick society, afraid of death and therefore incapable of living and acting with responsibility and courage, as brothers and sisters would do if they consciously co-operated and co-created for the highest good.

And in all this, what are we losing in order to feed these imposed realities? Precisely that divine energy that belongs to each one of us and for which we are responsible, be it good or bad. It is our feminine energy, our vital prana dormant in each of our chakras, in each of our Nadis. We “live” our lives unaware of all this, losing vital essence, losing ourselves in scenarios we would never fuel while Alive … we died a long time ago and didn’t realise it, but we can still get out of this dark dream, this reality that we call life and try to return to True Life.

The Spirit of each one of us is not present, it has not yet found the way to Be. We continue with a sick ego to which we have given importance, and we have justified in every way the power we have given it. Even today, although we see that this ego spends our essence for having or for doing, and that in doing so it consumes us without allowing us to Be, despite all this we still justify ourselves, we clutch at straws, we defend atrocities, we allow injustices, and we continue undaunted to dig our own grave, in the name of power, finance, thousand justifications or however we want to call our stupidity.

I therefore ask myself, where has spirituality gone if the Spirit is not present, since it is the ego that guides our miserable lives?

The only true spirituality that we have left is to look at our misery by dropping every illusory veil we have created for ourselves, to look at everything we have justified so far, to wake up from our eternal torpor and take responsibility, once and for all, for our entire existence lived in absolute unconsciousness. Therefore, we must stop feeding any scenario that does not suit us, and understand that we must direct all our attention towards ourselves in order to look within, to create those realities that are truly the fruit of our desire to love ourselves and our community.

Our energy must no longer be wasted to feed anything other than our love, that primordial energy we must awaken and expand, that essence that must learn to Be and not allow anything or anyone, especially itself, to be used for anything other than evolutionary purposes.

The reality we feed with our essence is the reality we create, and if we experience things we don’t like, if things don’t go as we would like, it is useless to continue fooling ourselves and blaming third parties, governments, etc., but it would be better for us to start looking within and ask ourselves, How am I maintaining this reality? Then I suggest we ask ourselves, Why not try to understand what I really want and begin to nourish only that? Only then will we start Being, because we will become conscious, builders of our reality and responsible for our actions, as we will stop feeding what we don’t want. All we need to do is remove the energy from the scenarios we don’t like, to not feed them but to live our lives naturally and responsibly, to shift our attention towards our desires and to become unassailable from a Spiritual point of view. Then the Spirit will be born, and its Love will be so real that the rest will be just scenarios, empty of substance and energy, and therefore destined to disappear.

I wish us all to become aware of these infernal mechanisms, which we have been feeding since time immemorial, and to finally be born as Beings.

With love,

Alberto Allas
Rebis Group Blogger

Translation by Andra Cernat

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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