The Importance of Peoples

One of the several enigmatic people in our international panorama, belonging to a world only half revealing itself, during an interview said: “Europe needs crisis to move forward. By definition, Europe’s steps forward are transfers of parts of national sovereignties …. This is not a totally reversible mechanism, in fact when the crisis is overContinua a leggere “The Importance of Peoples”

The European Pride and the Euro Fig Leaf.

Saying that the cause of our present economic crisis is Euro and it would be better not to have it is like saying that cars must not be produced because they might be used in robberies. Euro is a currency like many others. It was jointly created by a group of nations, each one withContinua a leggere “The European Pride and the Euro Fig Leaf.”

Rebel against linear time

Out of divisions and consequent limits to create in the multiverses. Distinction between “what is correct” and “what is not” has become a distinction between what is “just” and what is “unfair” for many. That is to say, the difference made by the conscience between what makes sense and what doesn’t, without making judgments orContinua a leggere “Rebel against linear time”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as A Possible Path to Consciouness and Initiation

I was wondering about the fact that during these last decades the consciousness of humans, concerning their own rights and well-being, seems to be fading out: we consider as (possibly more and more) unavoidable the economical, social and physical (sanitary and medical) problems that are bothering us. We think that wars are an ineradicable partContinua a leggere “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as A Possible Path to Consciouness and Initiation”

A Masculine and A Feminine Way to Power

Are there a masculine and a feminine way to power? Or, concerning gender, is power neutral? It’s not easy to make a distinction, in a society where power often means dominance, subjugation, exertion of force, if not of abuse and violence. We, men and women are, almost in equal measure, all influenced by this kindContinua a leggere “A Masculine and A Feminine Way to Power”