The Importance of Peoples

One of the several enigmatic people in our international panorama, belonging to a world only half revealing itself, during an interview said: “Europe needs crisis to move forward. By definition, Europe’s steps forward are transfers of parts of national sovereignties …. This is not a totally reversible mechanism, in fact when the crisis is overContinua a leggere “The Importance of Peoples”

Un’alleanza di anime magiche

Intervista a Fiorella Rustici Ribellione Spirituale ai tempi del corona virus Quando ci troviamo in situazioni restrittive e imposte cui non troviamo soluzioni, come durante questa emergenza da Covid-19, ci piacerebbe avere la bacchetta magica. La bella notizia è che la bacchetta magica ce l’abbiamo ma non sappiamo di averla. O meglio, non sappiamo comeContinua a leggere “Un’alleanza di anime magiche”

A Letter to Italy

Dear Italy, I love you! It is important that you know it and it is also very important that I say it out loud, that I write it, that I remember it and that I keep it very clear in my head … because for too long I have forgotten it! I haven’t traveled theContinua a leggere “A Letter to Italy”

Acting with Love

In this period of “crisis” that we are currently experiencing, it is more then ever necessary to remain united as brothers and sisters. And I’m not just talking about the Italian people, people with extraordinary faculties and virtues that years ago welcomed me with open arms and of which I now feel an integral partContinua a leggere “Acting with Love”