Joint Meditation proposal on 20th march 2021

We are in an era of great changes for all humanity. At this point in history when the dark powers are conjuring surgical attacks on mankind, the forces of those who have chosen the ‘Path of Light’ must strive together. A difficult journey that for many years has led us to live from age toContinua a leggere “Joint Meditation proposal on 20th march 2021”

This is A Robbery!

A few days after the spread of the Coronavirus, I saw a message on the Internet that said: I can’t express how much I was relieved, when the guy who had just entered the post office with his mask on shouted: “This is a robbery!”. That joke then made me smile. It was still theContinua a leggere “This is A Robbery!”

The Historical Speech by JFK

A truth revealed and suffocated with his murder Dear Rebis readers, The current political, economic and social situation, which seems to aim at depriving human beings even more of their freedom and rights, through wars, no matter whether armed or “cold”, the manipulation of information and psychological blackmail, is not new in human history. ItContinua a leggere “The Historical Speech by JFK”

Brotherhood and aristocracy

I’d like to provoke readers with a small lexical analysis. In my opinion, if the super lodges mentioned by Magaldi in his beautiful book “Massoni” (Masons) are not progressive, then they cannot be defined aristocratic; they can only be defined reactionary and their affiliates cannot be called brothers (including also women in such a definition). Continua a leggere “Brotherhood and aristocracy”