Joint Meditation proposal on 20th march 2021

We are in an era of great changes for all humanity. At this point in history when the dark powers are conjuring surgical attacks on mankind, the forces of those who have chosen the ‘Path of Light’ must strive together.

A difficult journey that for many years has led us to live from age to age according to a vision of peace, harmony, beauty and conscious contact with the spirits of nature, which many have yet labelled as utopian.

We are again at a crossroads as it happened in former times. We are passing from one era to another enduring much hardships, both on a personal and collective level. However, for the first time, a small form of Awakening is being practiced within humankind that we believe should be guided by Love instead of arrogance or even violence, so to avoid playing their game.

This is a call for all Disciples of the Light scattered around the world, be they single people or associations or groups. They should join their forces to reverse the dark forces, give life to a new group of consciousness or awareness to achieve the vision we discussed before.

Therefore, we would like to propose to all the Disciples of the World to organize a joint work on the occasion of the spring equinox on Saturday 20th March by means of meditation, rituals, mantras or other methodology they feel most comfortable with, in order to boost the Awakening and to Wake the Sleepers. Moreover, it would be great if we could find a agreement upon the different time zones so to do it all at the same time.

For any further information about the organization of this event, get in contact with:

Furthermore, Marco Sarasso, some initiates of Damanhur and the Pari’s Essenic Brotherhood are working on the 1st International Esoteric Council which we hope will see the light soon.

This Council would like to involve all of the esoteric schools, whether they are of Oriental or Western belief, such as: scholars of the Vedas, Buddhists, Gnostics, Thelemites, Hermeticians, Freemasons or anyone who cares about spreading Love and the Will-of God. More detailed information about it will be given later. However, anyone who is interested in participating in the Council, should send an email to the above mentioned addresses by also specifying the name of the Association or Group they belong to, contact number, name and surname of the speaker and the esoteric theme they want to address.

A big hug


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Pari’s Essenic Brotherood –

Rebis Group in colaboration with Fratellanza Essenica dei Pari

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