This is A Robbery!

A few days after the spread of the Coronavirus, I saw a message on the Internet that said: I can’t express how much I was relieved, when the guy who had just entered the post office with his mask on shouted: “This is a robbery!”. That joke then made me smile. It was still theContinua a leggere “This is A Robbery!”

Un’alleanza di anime magiche

Intervista a Fiorella Rustici Ribellione Spirituale ai tempi del corona virus Quando ci troviamo in situazioni restrittive e imposte cui non troviamo soluzioni, come durante questa emergenza da Covid-19, ci piacerebbe avere la bacchetta magica. La bella notizia è che la bacchetta magica ce l’abbiamo ma non sappiamo di averla. O meglio, non sappiamo comeContinua a leggere “Un’alleanza di anime magiche”

Towards healing of humanity

Welcome to the change Humanity is heading towards a new era, where the purpose of progress will no more be a rat race to get better technologies than our neighbour, but the development of relations based on spirituality and cooperation among all. Every change brings along suffering because of the things we have to leaveContinua a leggere “Towards healing of humanity”

A Letter to Italy

Dear Italy, I love you! It is important that you know it and it is also very important that I say it out loud, that I write it, that I remember it and that I keep it very clear in my head … because for too long I have forgotten it! I haven’t traveled theContinua a leggere “A Letter to Italy”

Only Consciousness can save us

At a time when measures never taken before are now being put into practice to curb infection, it’s worth wondering which inner resources we can count on, firstly as individuals and then as a race. Which voice may we chose to listen to? In fact, not only a serious and  little-known danger can push usContinua a leggere “Only Consciousness can save us”