Towards healing of humanity

Welcome to the change

Humanity is heading towards a new era, where the purpose of progress will no more be a rat race to get better technologies than our neighbour, but the development of relations based on spirituality and cooperation among all.

Every change brings along suffering because of the things we have to leave behind. Our Ego suffers because until now it has been living in an illusion hiding its real face, but the universal energetic change is dropping all veils of falsity and, some more than others, we are all taking the path towards truth and love.

Even though there is and there will still be a lot of suffering, accepting and understanding what those deceitful veils were hiding is essential to break the chains that have been trapping humanity for a very long time.

Taking note of our own pain and the pain of others and observing it with objectivity is a good starting point.  Change itself is not painful, our opposition to change actually is. Nevertheless change is essential: our spiritual nature, a more evolved version of ourselves, is waiting for us somewhere in this spatiotemporal illusion.

Such change consists in the comprehension that essence has to free itself from identification in the forms; languishing in a form involves, in fact, slavery of Life itself that is no more free to move and act according to its true nature.

Life is movement, comprehension and going beyond all patterns and forms blocking it, because Life is energy and has to remain energy. It can and must experience the Universe to understand it, but it never has to be trapped in experience itself.

Healing is the process of understanding disease, while disease expresses the conflict and the condition of dis-comfort that has been holding back the Essence of life in a certain mental pattern and/or form for a long time. Thus, the Essence of life was led to forget its authentic purpose of comprehension and movement.

Life manifests itself in everybody and everything; however, when it doesn’t focus on the real meaning of its essence and instead identifies with its own manifestation, then it starts fragmenting and getting lost in the labyrinths of the mind, thus moving away from the energy that connects it to all its parts and manifestations.

Love is the energy able to maintain union of all things.  

It’s not Life to save other lives, instead it is the Love that life is able to embrace and manifest that is capable of saving life itself. In fact, doctors do not exchange their life with that of their patients, but they use Love to help them recover.

Love is the supreme energy maintaining itself outside the Universe even though manifesting in it. It’s up to us to reach and reconnect with it as this is the only purpose of Life: coming back to Love.

Therefore, let’s allow Life to see beyond the illusions where it was identified and where it got lost. Let’s pass through this tragic moment allowing love to help us by means of acceptance, comprehension and forgiveness. Then, let’s take a deep breath and let go everything rotten we have inside.

We will be feeling our bodies change as the old patterns crumble and free the essence they were entrapping; during this process we will be feeling physical and psychological pain, but it’s actually only the pain we have been accumulating when entrapping ourselves inside forms and mental patterns.

Let’s take the time we need because our temple has to be cleaned up from all impurities and must be ready to welcome the new, that actually is not precisely new. Life will be freed from its illusions and will take Love by the hand, climbing together towards a new state of self awareness.

We are finally healing:  when re-turning to Love we will re-discover all our parts of essence, re-unify them in one single point made of comprehension and hold together by Love.

Alberto Allas
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Graziella Cella

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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