Acting with Love

In this period of “crisis” that we are currently experiencing, it is more then ever necessary to remain united as brothers and sisters. And I’m not just talking about the Italian people, people with extraordinary faculties and virtues that years ago welcomed me with open arms and of which I now feel an integral part of, but I am talking about all the peoples in the world.

It is very sad to read in the newspapers, the media and the social media every day how the different populations in the world, but even individuals within the same community, accuse each other of the current “crisis” or criticize themselves because they have conflicting opinions. It is sad but most of all it is a stupid attitude because in this way we are acting exactly like those who have so far governed the planet.

It is normal in these days to feel confused and not sure what to believe, given that the news are many and often clashing with each other. One minute somebody makes a statement based on corroborating data while immediately afterwards somebody else denies everything on the basis of very different information. This is when we must become aware that for years we have forgotten to use our most important part, namely Consciousness (the one who is sovereign) and this led us to also forget to think and reason as Divine Beings, which is basically what we really are.

Therefore, we need to stop being victims of these confusing news and we should instead learn to analyze what we read and what we see from a broader point of view, that is from the point of view of the Spiritual Consciousness.

  • What does our conscience tell us?
  • What is really happening according to our conscience?
  • According to our conscience, is it all the result of “chance”?
  • Where do we think the current ruling class wants to take us?
  • Are our politicians working for the good of their populations and most of their individuals?
  • And above all, what can we consciences do from the point of view of Love in order to change things?

Until now, we citizens of the world have been easy to control because those who govern and those who are behind the rulers know very well how we react to problems. For years these few ones, poor in spirit but with the finances of the planet in their hands, have based their survival on creating problems out of nothing, instilling fears in people and then creating the solution to those problems, a solution that only serves their own purposes. In this way they led people, who were panicking and overwhelmed by the problems caused by this materialistic life, to accept everything indiscriminately without thinking about what was really going on.

The first analysis that comes to my mind is that those who are creating all this chaos in the world, those who resort to such mean ways in order to deceive people and use them for their own benefit are in fact poor people with an intelligence that, if used for the purposes of Love could be properly called intelligence, but in reality is nothing but stupidity, if only they knew that continuing this way they will die. They do not realize that, if they acted for the good of mankind, they would make lesser efforts because everything would be much simpler and, as a consequence, they would consume less energy, also considering the fact that it is not their energy they are currently using but the energy of people, something which is completely wrong and, let me add, miserable.

Love is the way to salvation for all of us. For the white, the black, the red and the yellow, for those who come from Mars and those from Saturn … neither our origins nor the color of our skin are important but the the fact that we are all children of Love, even those who, having forgotten about love long time ago, have become “evil” in the meantime.

It is now fundamental that we all make an effort to do something we have never done before. We need to develop the spiritual characteristics of our feminine part, something which would allow us to live a lighter life, to take care of ourselves and the others, to cooperate and to create together as united peoples, in fact as a large family. For example, it would be useful to cultivate calmness, patience, hospitality, but also the serenity that allows us to remain alert and out of troubles. It is actually indubitable that being stuck into problems does not allow us to solve them.

So we have to keep calm and avoid fostering this situation that was artificially created like actually many others before. We need to start thinking with our own mind and heart, trying to understand what alternatives we have and how we can use our awareness and love to help politicians remedy what they are doing. Seeing the problems that they are creating us, we create moments of awareness that our ruling class does not have. For this reason, starting from those moments of awareness we have the duty to work and act as a conscience to make them understand how wrong they are. Violence will be of no use if we want to change things. The Courage of Consciences acting from Love will be!

For example, some questions we can ask ourselves to help our political class awaken from this lethargy into which they have fallen, before they inevitably crash forever, could be:

  • How can we help them remember that they are at the service of people and not the other way round?
  • How can we let them understand that they are the ones who need us because the money from the labor force comes from us and from the taxes we pay them?
  • We need to remind them that we are much more than them, and that, as it is stated in those Constitutions such as the Italian one, written with the blood of Brothers who fought with Courage and Love, our will must prevail over their will, especially when they are blinded by the thirst for power that is slowly destroying and degrading them.

The world and the political and financial situation lies in our hands!

We need to start and stop stupidly give energy to everything that is told us, to learn to listen and become critical as consciences, then develop solutions that are beneficial for the people around the world, no matter what it takes, or even if the great world systems will have to be overturned – no worries, no fear!

There are many of us and if we all get up with Courage and Love and use our Divine Flames to Cooperate and Build a Better World together, there will be no force that can govern us, because we would then be The Force at the service of Love.

Alberto Allas
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Erika Barani

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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