The Importance of Peoples

One of the several enigmatic people in our international panorama, belonging to a world only half revealing itself, during an interview said: “Europe needs crisis to move forward. By definition, Europe’s steps forward are transfers of parts of national sovereignties …. This is not a totally reversible mechanism, in fact when the crisis is over some sediments always persist even though this means loss of peoples’ sovereignty”.

At that time, I was shocked at hearing those words and felt a profound nausea and resignation. I understood, or better said, that person showed me the face of those who, like himself, had already programmed the destiny of Europe and of the world, unbeknown to us.

That was the hidden face of our rulers or better of those who, unelected, have the power to dictate the policies of countries.

In that moment I thought there was nothing to do, we were the victims of a well structured diabolic system subjugating not only us people, but also our rulers.

During the last few months another crisis has occurred. We all felt fear and discomfort hearing the “experts” displaying their commandments on television.  As we see, the method is always the same: they claim to have the knowledge and call on us to obey.

But the world is not always like someone wishes.

Since the beginning, this crisis highlighted our intention not to be part of it, to oppose and not let it happen by doing nothing.

At a certain point the hidden world has revealed its plans and people have perceived and understood them very well.

Most probably the unexpected fact is that this crisis has also offered peoples an opportunity to wake up and become aware.

This crisis strongly brought to light the importance of peoples, a union of people having the same perception even though hundreds of miles away: that they are one.

I started, and you with me, seeing these signs when I heard people singing on their balconies, when I saw people willing to feel like a community and waking up from the sleep of this society based on the work values, sometimes excessively conditioning our lives and relationships.

At one point people started looking for each other to communicate, share a smile or a joke even though at a distance.

The project of a machination aiming at making us feel scared of death, as it happened in the past with wars, famines and during long times of oppression like inquisition, showed a crack.  When threatened, any animal can either run away, fight or freeze (the fight-flight-response). We have been actually frozen by force and this is maybe the reason why it didn’t work. An animal, at least an animal such as Man, cannot be frozen by force.

Immobilization is a defence strategy used by some animal species, but not by mammals and by primates, not to mention man.  When possible, mammals either run away or fight but never freeze waiting for the coup de grace – unless they are sedated.

Peoples are reacting as it is natural for them to do: they fight.

Precisely in these days we are witnessing something which is surely the result of this crisis. People are once again uniting, even though in different ways that “will not disappear after the crisis but will leave a sediment” and will go on using technology to get together for deeper reasons than simply chatting.

Peoples are realizing that somebody is guiding their future in a direction they had no chance to agree upon, namely a direction that was imposed like the therapy for this virus. Mainstream media have been bombarding us, and still are, suggesting one and only way out of this health crisis, but many don’t like this solution; and it’s not a question of being valid or not, but there is a risk that it will be imposed with no rules.

And then free consciousnesses within the medical field brought out new solutions with equal determination and authority. People will not to be part of it!

Finally internet has been used for a good cause. Our consciousnesses have the innate ability to recognize each other when we come in touch with each other. We were able to recognize those doctors working disinterestedly and only for the benefit of their patients. Our hearts showed us the right direction, we recognized the words of these doctors and welcomed them without using our mind. Their calm but firm attitude was better than a thousand words.

I have no direct war or post-war experience, but I now recognize the concept of collective consciousness.  I can see with my eyes and perceive on my skin how communication made by consciousness has a precise frequency. For the principle of similarity, if we have a similar part, this starts vibrating telling: “yes, this is correct and we must help and support it”.

I now understand what having inside a burning flame means. Those who are supporting doctors, researchers or common people doing the right thing have this burning flame inside; its light has a specific vibration, a sound reaching the heart of people similar to them and spreading with bigger and bigger waves when it comes in touch with new ones.  What free and illuminated consciousnesses can do is powerful, precisely something that someone on this planet does not want ever to take place: they perfectly know that waves created when one flame reaches another one don’t sum up but multiply instead; their increase is not algebraic but exponential. Imaging a formula, we could suppose that each flame doubles both number and exponent, i.e.: 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 – 55 – 66 – 77, and so on. The result would be: 1 – 4 – 27 – 256 – 3125 – 46656 – 823543… and we just stopped at seven.

Already after the third person I had to use a calculator. One single person has exponent 1 and this remains one but doesn’t mean it is worth nothing.  Let’s imagine however that those numbers are candles in a room: how much light would one candle produce? … Of course it would also depend on the dimension of the candle. Let’s then think about the result of a potential of 823,523 candles in one room:  there would be so much light to illuminate not only the room but most probably the whole neighbourhood.  This makes us understand the power of a conscious people or race. When people start vibrating in the right way they can do miracles.  People are powerful and someone hopes we forget about it for a simple reason: this exponential mechanism works with any kind of energy we produce.  Figures in hand, let’s think how destructive we can be when we are scared or angry or hateful. Numbers are always very high.

In this historical moment, consciousnesses have the possibility to maintain their flame burning and become the reference point for the others that will immediately know what is happening and that it is the right thing to do.

Asking my opinion about who could be more reliable, one friend of mine told me recently: “they say so many things, that one doesn’t know whom to listen to”. I simply answered: listen to your heart.

She immediately understood and calmed down.

In that moment I saw our real power. I saw who we are.

I also saw how this fact is spreading in many people: in those supporting diligent doctors, those joining and helping, those not losing heart with empty words, those convinced that dignity is part of us and nobody can take it away from us.

Peoples are the real force of the world, for better or for worse. We must understand we are the ones who make the world go round, not the tops.  If communities do not cooperate, rulers cannot do much: either they exterminate us or come to terms with us.  This is our opportunity: not to exchange our union of consciousnesses with anything.  Have we failed to do it in the past? Ok, we made a mistake. Now it’s different.

Peoples’ system of control is artificial! We can perceive it very well and in fact we don’t like it because it doesn’t illuminate us. On the contrary it darkens us.  Only the past failures already registered in our ancient memory make us accept it. This is however not the present. We are here now, as we are today and today we want that light back.

Lorenzo Ferrante
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Graziella Cella

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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