Rebel against linear time

Out of divisions and consequent limits to create in the multiverses.

Distinction between “what is correct” and “what is not” has become a distinction between what is “just” and what is “unfair” for many. That is to say, the difference made by the conscience between what makes sense and what doesn’t, without making judgments or developing guilty feelings, has turned into making judgments, developing feelings of guilt and imposing (or self-imposing) punishments. This distortion derives from the depletion of conscience scale of moral and spiritual values, which comes from the aweakening of love, of sense of responsibility, of ethics and “justice”, understood as “willingness to remedy situations that are not right”.

The problem was created for lack of development of spiritual consciousness by entire generations of our maternal and paternal ancestors, because they have lost love for justice, peace and harmony between individuals and peoples for the abuses, religions and wars they have suffered.

And we descendants, born with this void of love, are the arid expression of materiality and emotions, sensations, thoughts and actions typically belonging to our animal mind and genetic mind that control us.

And how much pain and useless tears have we experienced for not being able to change situations we continuously see are not going the way they should? How much injustice produced anger have we accumulated, without transforming that same anger into positive actions, able to put in there a seed of love and justice, not only for us but for everyone!

Since we are descendants of a long chain of ancestors, who have not been able to develop their own spirituality, if we do not take a spiritual path or do actions to improve our world, we will increasingly develop the selfishness of materiality, in which we only cultivate our own backyard regardless of what happens a little further, and the eyes of our consciousness are increasingly put asleep, so as not to allow us to empathetically see and hear others.

We only do our own business in an egoic survival pattern, and then we come to embody the saying “Your death, my life” in an overpowering and exploitation logic.

If we carefully observe, we’ll see that, in order to destroy our divine flame in entire generations of ancestors, those who control us worked to create a cultural and social habitat in which there are always divisions: gods and demigods, the king with his courtiers and the populace, the rich and the poor, peoples considered slaves or sheep controlled by shepherds with their dogs, male and female, the learned authorities (priests, scientists, academics, economists) and those without knowledge, and so on …

Divisions serve to make us believe that we all are not something divine!

Divisions mark the mental limits that were imposed on us under forms of meanings of existence, as it happens when we are born as women or men and we already have the limits and divisions in our physical body, in culture and social habits, in religion first and in education later, in poverty and wealth, that all determine whether or not you may have goods and economic advantages.

Limits also determine the inability to accept and understand others in their life realities with their thought and context, due to a brain not trained to be empathetic and unable to take the point of view of anyone who is “beyond” the division line, and therefore belonging to “the other group”. Failure to recognize human rights, inter-ethnic and inter-religious struggles are some examples.

And World War II is also an example, which gave a turning point in demonstrating the bestiality of the animal mind through the difference that Nazis applied between themselves as a chosen race and Jews and all others, considered inferior and intended for extermination or slavery.

Divisions derive from the differences that some people claim to themselves perhaps because they belong to a particular blood or other kind of descent, and whoever has been implementing them behaves like a predatory animal or pack leader who chooses preys to exterminate without having anyone doing anything, or little, to help victims’ escape.

It happened under Nazism and also to Tibetan people with the Chinese, to the Cambodians with Pol Pot, in the Soviet gulags under Stalin and so on.

World War II belongs to the past, but the predatory entities that controlled Hitler, all other dictators and those who perpetuated divisions did not die with them, but passed from one body to another to continue their dirty predation work and therefore have created in recent years financial problems and economical resources control scenarios, to worsen divisions in a different way: not only between the rich and the poor or between high and low wages, but also within politics with many parties, ideas and projects to be able to mask a large and unmanageable division under a fake appearance of democracy.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, we Italians were progressively divided into many smaller states ruled by different lords, and we lost union for ideals and goals that the empire, although characterized by some significant divisions (for example between slaves and free men) had however guaranteed. The political decay and divisions that Italy has since suffered have imprinted this failure mark in our DNA, carried it forward in the following centuries up to the current political framework, which perpetuates those ancient divisions and their limits imposing them to all of us with the present parties today.

Splitting a community and shrinking its groups makes them lose their strength, so control is implemented more easily than if we were a cohesive and well-defined group on our purposes, complementary and in agreement, albeit different. Even political parties programs break up potential human goals in ideological differences and limits that create divisions, and at this point a future vision to build together collapses and everyone thinks only about cultivating their own backyard because they no longer want to commit themselves to act for the community, as “changing something has become so difficult that it is not worth trying”.

Our genetic mind is made up of our ancestors’ experiences, which are recorded in memories they passed on to us. We are formed by these memories that make us live continuously in our ancestors’ divisions and limits that we keep duplicating, without being aware of them.

Let’s return to our concept of justice and injustice depleted of its spiritual meaning. Let’s think how true this is in relation to genetic mind. Suppose we are living in a conflict with a colleague today because she abruptly replied to us and we felt bad, we felt rejected and we experienced a sense of injustice. That doesn’t mean it is a real injustice, that is, a feeling deriving from the particular moment we are experiencing, because our genetic mind, as we are completely unaware of how it is operating on us, recognizes in our colleague some energetic similarities with our father, for example, and it makes us live the same conflict of injustice, with the same non-acceptance emotions and thought that we often lived with him. So, unaware of this deception, we believe that we are feeling bad because of our colleague, while in reality we are repeating something that has already happened with our father and not with her.

Unfortunately, without our spiritual consciousness being present, we have not noticed anything. For us, the problem becomes the colleague who does not accept us, and this completely puts us out of objective reality. On the other hand, when consciousness is present, it allows us to observe, and thus differentiate between what happens to us today and what happened in our past, and also to look at the relationships between genetic ancestors and our current life that is under their memories influence.

The paradox is that within our genetic and animal mind there are “divisions”, as we have seen, but there is no “differentiation” between realities our parents and ancestors experienced within their environment, and our work, our partner, our friendships. Mind operates with the same automatic logic that a computer has, on the basis of similarities between vibrations and energies present in its memories and vibrations and energies of the situations we live. Past is always proposed to us in the present as a continuum, to the point that we have mirror neurons which copy individuals around us and our brain does not differentiate between those we copied and the body in which he lives.

So, in addition to ancestors’ memories that we repeat in life, we also propose as puppets what our brain copies, unaware of repeating thoughts, emotions, words, sensations, actions … and believing that all our actions are the result of our character and way to be and think, when it is not so.

So the question to ask is: what are we really expressing in our living justice and injustice? And what consequences does this have for our humanity?

Materiality in which we exist, with its divisions and limits, is a compound of aridity full of meaning of existence which were born from emptiness of spiritual love by which we were originated, and keeps us attached to the mental grid of the entire genetic mind of the whole human animal species of which each of us bears a part.

Even before birth, starting from conception, we were attached to a linear time.

And in a linear, chronological time, we can only repeat the mental contents already experienced by our ancestors, without being able to express our spiritual consciousness in parallel multidimensions, which are superior mental layers respect to genetic mind.

Multidimensions or multiverses allow us to express our magical imaginative creativity that manages to create new realities of existence. This is why we have been trapped within a linear time to continuously live emotional conflicts, failures and injustices with little love and things that are not going well.

In linear or chronological time, the past, the present and the future are on the same line and therefore you cannot change the past with the aim to create changes in the present time or in the near future “because it has now passed and I can no longer go back to it”.

Have you ever wondered what a spiritual consciousness aware of its own power would do outside the identifications of linear time, living in multidimensions and acting, from that starting point, towards also our material dimension here?

Do you think it could change past, present and future?

To control a species like ours, we must insert it within the limits of linear time and make it operate for generations, centuries and millennia with the meanings inserted in this linear time. And it worked. Then we can’t complain if we only use 3-5% of our brain potential!

We carry within ourselves divisions and limits that have been imposed on us, and we express them in our life because we have forgotten that we are the divine spark that is the battery source for this whole lie.

Let’s rebel and develop the power of our spiritual consciousness!

Let’s have the courage to take our life in our hands, and let’s be an example to all others who will see hope in us,

as our divine sparks are yet to be dead!!

Fiorella Rustici
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Simona Valesi

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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