Collateral Beauty

A great opportunity is hidden inside every difficult situation. Necessity is an extremely strong catalyst for development. It comes to wake us up. It’s a GIFT we must learn to recognize and appreciate. My mother conveyed love for knowledge to me. In desperate deepest moments, words of several masters I’ve got the opportunity to meetContinua a leggere “Collateral Beauty”

Acting with Love

In this period of “crisis” that we are currently experiencing, it is more then ever necessary to remain united as brothers and sisters. And I’m not just talking about the Italian people, people with extraordinary faculties and virtues that years ago welcomed me with open arms and of which I now feel an integral partContinua a leggere “Acting with Love”

Female Condition or Condition of the Feminine? A Change of Perspective

Listen to the podcast: When we are talking about female condition it seems obvious to think about women and about their centuries-long battles for gaining equal dignity and rights from men. Let us not take into consideration those sometimes appalling news coming from far countries, now reporting sensational neglect of women’s integrity, of freedom, healthContinua a leggere “Female Condition or Condition of the Feminine? A Change of Perspective”

Life on Earth is a Trap for Our Divine Essence. How to Get Out of It.

We live in an artificial structure created to trap divine parts that survived energy downgrading of Earth and the race before ours’, which happened long time ago. This is the result of the in-depth studies carried out by the spiritual researcher Fiorella Rustici in over forty years. Her expertize is to understand how the mindContinua a leggere “Life on Earth is a Trap for Our Divine Essence. How to Get Out of It.”

Awakening Our Consciousness

Listen to the podcast: The world we are living in, a competitive one, materialist, individualist, predator, seems to have been built on purpose to keep our consciousness somehow drowsy and sleepy. If one were in search for a category from psychopathology, trying to define the adaptive personality profile that would be suitable at best forContinua a leggere “Awakening Our Consciousness”