The New World

Every form of energy is born with the purpose of manifesting itself, sooner or later, in an apparent or material dimension. The same happens for thoughts, words, feelings and emotions that derive from them.

It looks like magic, and perhaps it is magic, a remnant of the creative mind of the divinitiesthat we were. A mind we have been using, until today, in a completely unconscious way, without knowing the good or the evil that we were doing on ourselves and on others.

Becoming aware of this innate gift would allow us to stop the self-destruction that, as a race, we have been pursuing since our origins, and instead we could start using it for purposes of love, joy, ethics and justice, directing our intention towards goals that aremore useful to us and to our true evolution: the evolution of consciousness.

Although all this has happened so far and until recently we have behaved in a self-destructive way, I know that there are more and more beings who have understood, in the depths of their hearts, that we are not only human but also have a divine part and theyhave also understood the importance of using their divine part in a conscious way. Others are understanding this now and more and more will wake up to the call of the New World.

This is how what was once thought has finally manifested itself.

The old world has a short life ahead, for the beginning of this spring has witnessed a New World rise from the depths of the old one, a World whose seed was planted with the hope that one day a group of beings from other times and from other dimensions could cultivateit and help it grow with the energy of Love, so that Divine Justice would finally be accomplished.

And it has finally happened: multidimensional beings in flesh and blood scattered across the Planet have joined forces, as they wrote a long time ago, and have kept their old covenant, witnessing with their presence of mind how the New World is shaking off the crusts of unconsciousness that were covering it.

The Light has done its duty by illuminating the darkness, indicating the path of love to those who had not yet been able to identify it. Now everything is clear, everything is defined, and no one will be able to stop what has happened. We can only wait for the arrival of many others who feel the seed of love strongly growing in their hearts.

When Men wake up and write together in the heavens, demons and every other form coming from the Underworld can do nothing but transform or die.

And today we feel desperation, fear and worry, but they are not ours: we are feeling the defeat of those who, for the first time, are seeing themselves and the evil they have done while they realize what they have lost, i.e. their divinity.

And well yes, there has been a rift, a rupture between men, because those who have nothing to save are, unfortunately, lost in the underworlds playing the game of demons, living in the fear that makes up the old world, where everything is designed to consume them forever.

But those who were able to realize that life as they knew it before was wrong, that there was no point in working until retirement age to end up with a worn-out body and with no strength left to ask questions and that they had been living as slaves in fake freedom, have been working to change this wrong system: they have first changed their understanding of reality and have thus activated their divine flame. For them, for us, the road ahead is still to be built, but now we have the Light to See where to position the bricks of the New World we are starting to build together, so that its foundations will never descend into the dark dimensions again and will allow us, in the future, to study Life in all its manifestations but also to find a way to help those who cannot make it today.

Today, in this Earth, we will continue to work as active witnesses of change, with the awareness that we are the new builders of our destiny and that our seeds have alreadybeen born with strength and vigor. We are awaiting the arrival of many others because wehave finally got rid of the old stuff and have made room in our hearts for the sisters and brothers who will arrive.

Everything will unfold as we wrote in that timeless time from which we have arrived.

Love and its strength are now one with us.

Alberto Allas
Blogger of Rebis Group

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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