Fear and Love

Human beings live inside a mind made up of opposites, in other words, equal or opposite energies that try to survive in constant fighting at times, and in harmony at other times. On rare occasions, they try to understand each other and work together to transform and become one.

Fear and Love are two energy forces that have coexisted in humans since time immemorial. Both can underlie any personal or collective choice, and both can shape the fate of a person or an entire nation.

Sometimes fear is useful, as it warns us of imminent dangers and makes us act to protect ourselves. But to remain in fear for long or to live in fear is harmful, as is the case with any other emotion or low-frequency mood.

If we let ourselves guided by fear, our life will become grey, gloomy, we will not see things clearly and will often make decisions from the gut and not thought through, which will increase the possibility of making mistakes.

Out of fear, we become mean, aggressive and intolerant. We harm ourselves because the frequency of fear lowers the normal frequencies of our electromagnetic field and, as a result, we lose our health more or less quickly. In fact, fear is a strong emotion and, as with all emotions, it is released throughout the body by the blood pumped from our heart.

A heart forced to pump fear will cause tissues to deteriorate, because it will contaminate itself with a different frequency it does not agree with. The lungs will have more and more difficulty in carrying out their function, that is, to oxygenate the blood, which is equivalent to giving life to tissues, and then, to expel carbon dioxide, in other words, to expel what for us represents death. The kidneys and the liver will find it increasingly difficult to cleanse the blood of these low frequencies, which, eventually, will become toxins made of matter, since every frequency that descends is destined to transform into matter and beyond.

Living in fear slowly consumes us, transforms us, because our soul is being more and more preyed upon by the monsters and demons we feed with such a low frequency, until we become ourselves those monsters or demons, who, once the feast of the soul is over, will try to eat the souls of those who still have one. And they will do so using the only means they know: fear itself.

Out of fear, people can kill, and brothers go to war with each other, because wars have always been made to prevail over others, to hold power. But the truth behind the desire for power is always the fear of losing it.

Living in Love, on the other hand, is an arduous undertaking, much more difficult and complicated than living in fear, and it takes great courage to embark on this path. Especially in a world like the one we live in today, because embarking on the path of love, and trying to embody it as much as possible, means embodying very high values such as coherence, respect, responsibility, solidarity, equality, brotherhood and, one of the most difficult, freedom. Love is all this and much more, and practising it leads to vibrating at very high frequencies, so high that the heart pumps effortlessly because it is happy to be serving a just cause and more within its grasp. And the lungs can finally expand together with the entire rib cage, becoming strong and making the whole organism strong, which will then feel very well nourished with oxygen and life.

We have a history that reminds us just how many civilisations have fallen and disappeared, such as Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Greece, among others. These civilisations maintained high frequencies for a while, thus knew few diseases, also because they were governed by very high principles. And then one day fear arose in the hearts of some of these ancestors of ours, a fear that took over their judgment and covered their vision with a veil that distorted reality.

Instead of trying to understand what was happening to them, and what their mind was doing to them, they tried to blame their brothers and sisters for their evils, to win over them, to dominate them in the name of a god or a cause they considered right. In fact, these people became like animals because their spiritual conscience, once it descended to the level of fear, succumbed to the effect of the animal mind which always feels either prey or predator, threatened and afraid of dying. And when they descended into the animal ego, they could no longer rise to their human side. And this was the biggest problem of ancient civilisations, because those who lost control over their mind and descended into the animal part saw everybody as a threat to their survival and automatically attacked them and tried to bring them down to their animal level.

Here we are today, at a turning point, a moment in history that is challenging everyone, where fear is creeping back into the hearts of men. But I trust people will understand that their frequency is what determines their destiny, that love is the only path we can take, and anything that leads us to division is only dividing our hearts. We must hold firm, believe in ourselves, in our immune system and in our ability to overcome anything because, ultimately, we are all Celestial Spirits and we need to remember this in order to fight and evolve together.

Alberto Allas in collaboration with Fiorella Rustici
Rebis Group Blogger

Translation by Andra Cernat

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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