Light is my Banner

Our tricolor flags, hung from the windows of the nearby buildings, have gradually disappeared. One by one, as lights that go off at night, they have been swallowed up by darkness.


For it is not when we see ourselves as last that we must surrender.
It is not when we see the enemy who advances that we must retreat.
It is not when others laugh at you that you should feel paltry.
It is not when they try to humiliate you that you must cry.
It is not when they denigrate you that you must feel inferior.It is not when you meet people who want to destroy you that you should be depressed.
And it is not when others want you to believe you are losing out that you must accept defeat.

Your victory lies in holding up your banner despite everything and everyone.
As long as you do not feel defeated in your Essence, your enemy cannot defeat you.

The flag is a symbol of existence. It has been carried in every battle and it was never to be dropped. If you withdraw or drop your flag, you are giving away your right to exist, against another entity that has no right to do so, merely because it derives its existence from your destruction.

Death cannot win over life if life remains as a barrier. Christ taught us.

Darkness advances only if light is extinguished. Darkness itself does not exist. It is only absence of light, and the flame of a candle is enough to shatter it.

If you aspire to come out of darkness, look for candles that have remained lit, even through the worst weather, at night, and that will remain lit until the night has passed, even when daylight does not allow them to be visible anymore. They have been and will always be there, undisputed guide of a universal and unconditional love that watches, IS and never waives.

Nevermore a suicide on Italian land, home of the gods! Raise your flag as a divine Being as we have done for thousands of years in our history. We are the fathers of original Christianity, the founders of the Roman Empire, the roots of the Renaissance, the pillars of the Economic Miracle, the generators of the Fourth World Power. All in just over 300,000 km², compared to giants like China, Russia and the United States. Are you surprised that they want to annihilate us?

Heads up!

When you have flown your flag until a million other people have flown theirs around you.

When you have kept your candle burning until a million more have come to your flame to light theirs and illuminate the world.

You might cry then, for we will have irreversibly won.

I dedicate my writing to all candles that have remained lit and to those who joined to light themselves, not letting the rest of humanity fall into darkness. I especially devote it to Fiorella Rustici, a lighthouse that has never wavered in face of darkness, an ever-burning candle that has allowed other candles to be lit in the midst of darkness, including my own, whose tricolor flag is still waving at the sill of her window. 

Simona Valesi
Rebis Group Blogger

Translate by Andra Cernat and Simona Valesi

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