Breath of the Sea

The sea breathes within me

Long, quiet waves savouring the first breath of life

The wind blows within me

A fresh breeze guiding me without pushing me. It knows where to go, and I do not oppose its guidance this time

Opposite memories arise

A stormy sea that breaks

Rock shining under the full moon, flashes of a life that becomes its opposite in every grain

Sand raised by a harsh wind that scatters and wipes out

Dull thunder, explosions, the heart breaks along with the whole creation

A spot of pain obscuring the joy and life that preceded it

I look downward and see only destruction

I look upward and see what has already been

Everything condensed into a grain of sand, which in turn explodes as if it were the entire universe

It explodes and reveals its history to me

It was a future I have already lived, but now I know of a different future yet to live, returning to breathe the breath of life, of the sea, of the wind, of the sand

I breathe in them, and they breathe within me, a harmony that reminds me of a distant perfection, different in concepts and meanings

Absence of meanings, useless in the wholeness of what has been

And I find myself in the breath of the sea, in the rustling of the wind, beyond all space and time yet present in every time, space and form.

Graziella Cella
Blogger of Rebis Group

Translation by Andra Cernat

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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