Lilies among the roses

Mystical smiles among the roses.
Within the perimeters of the garden the multiverse expresses its symbols.
Your faith is in the lilies among the roses, my Lord,
the future is in the past and in the caves your pain.

After long searching on the planet of the apes,
gold is in the garden, but Eve ate Your apple.
It is artificial existence, but You immortal being are real.

Here passion and pride gush among the colours of Eden
while frogs sleep and magical shadows weave their plots in the awakened ones.
Here everything is fake.

Narcissus sees the reflection of Merlin in the water,
while the bombs fall on Gaza and the sun dies in New Delhi.
You Immortal Being know that freedom is beyond the fence
and in the search for You I will tune my cry and my song
to the point where justice is unjust,
to the point where love will be free.

The knowledge that dwells in me is the knowledge that dwells in You.

Hear me! I am You.

Alida Sacchi
Blogger of Rebis Group

Translation by Andra Cernat

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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