We Shall Develop The Spiritual Feminine That Our Creators Impressed Within Us

To develop our spiritual feminine we must first learn to observe and listen to ourselves.

Then we must understand that we are dealing with a mind, ours, in which thoughts continuously proliferate and make it difficult for us to remain connected to the present. In fact, thoughts tend to draw our attention to them and this is why we lose touch and control over the present time. This mind, with its continuous thoughts proliferation and no control by our spiritual conscience, has forced us to create automatisms that more and more invade our life.

The automatism that we all best know is car driving: lost in our thoughts, we insert the cerebral autopilot and find ourselves at home without any awareness of the road we have taken. But this happens more and more in everything we do in our life. Continuous thoughts have taken control on our existence and us.This loss of awareness, in addition to draining our existence time because we are absorbed into our thoughts, is functional to those who control us who progressively want to turn ourselves into biological robots with no conscience, like many dormant souls!

Yes, dormant and thus unconscious, because thoughts continually create realities of life and subtle entities that then live off our vital energy both during life and after death.

What happened that brought our mind to make us live our lives lost in “our” thoughts?

Many traumatic situations perpetrated against our maternal and paternal genetic ancestors, and to all those who still had held alive a divine spark and DNA, have over time led our species to lose awareness of the reality that we were living with our physical bodies.If you think about it, in what kind of situations a person cannot talk, say what he thinks or what his heart is feeling? Whenever he got trampled and destroyed his civil rights, his ideals and his scale of values; when he had only freedom to think, because if he spoke up or said what he really thought he would’ve been killed.

And what were the long lasting dark times when our genetic or otherwise ancestors could not express their spiritual ideas and principles?

Inquisition was one of them. They who control us purposely created it to suppress a species considered hostile and inferior (our ancestors and all those who still possessed a spiritual Consciousness) and to eliminate our free will, given to each of us by our Creators.Free will was founded on creative thoughts, on meanings by which divine creates its existence, on language that species uses to express itself, on actions and creations born from consciousness values scale.

A patrimony of love, life, responsibility, ethics, justice and spirituality that our ancestors, and those who still possessed spiritual principles were supposed to transfer to descendants and instead it did not reach us: we were born depleted of these values .

Inquisition, as a destructive scenario for all of us, by force suppressed, tortured and burned at stake all those who had a spiritual feminine within them, made of highly creative values and thoughts. This way prevented that these creative spiritual values, given by divine free will, would not develop even in descendants.

Entire generations have been annihilated by taking away their spiritual free will and divine values and substance, with the aim to eradicate what our controllers considered evil: a disease that nobody could manifest.

Thus Christian religion was used by ranks of executioners disguised as faithful and Pious Men controlled by those who, considering themselves the only super race, wanted to exterminate the divine in our ancestors and mainly in those who still possessed spiritual principles and a Divine DNA. Over time, the same controllers have created destructive scenarios equal or similar to Inquisition, only adapting them to historical context and duplicating them in all wars and persecutions. I refer to Hitler’s concentration camps, Stalin’s genocides, Chinese’ Tibetan genocide, Cambodian genocide, Chilean or Spanish dictatorships, Chinese Cultural Revolution, Armenian massacre, and before then, pre-Columbian peoples or Cathars’ destruction, Middle East wars, European religious conflicts and so on.

Entire generations of genetic ancestors and individuals endowed with Consciousness and spiritual values have progressively lost their divine substance, suffering abuse, torture and death. Once deprived of their spiritual values, our controllers have made masses decay and therefore also us, who were no more connected to the higher mind of our divine consciousness, but only to the lower and more animal mind that shapes us.

The loss of our divine feminine spiritual consciousness has long led us descendants to have a lower mind full of low and non-evolutionary thoughts that continually pour down on us and steal our unlived lives, lost as we are inside them.

Our thoughts are fed with our vital energy, as we become more and more like biological robots.

Since there is no longer a divine spiritual feminine consciousness, there is no longer a divine force that neither transforms these low thoughts nor uses its creativity to shape its powerful mind with divine thoughts, capable of inducing new realities that would allow love, life, ethics, justice and joy to permeate our dimension or different dimensions at the same time, as it would be natural to be if we had not been depleted and disconnected from our higher consciousness.


What can we do to learn once more to take control of our lower mind and restore a trait d’union in us through what is left of our spiritual feminine, so as to develop her divine powers again?

One idea is to start looking at ourselves while driving our car and, when we realize that we have been sucked into our thoughts, we should try to stay present to ourselves and carefully observe the road and what we are really doing.

At first you will find that it is not so easy to stay out of your thoughts for a long time, because they are greedy and they want to absorb you within themselves to eat up your energy and time. But you don’t have to lose heart and should continue this exercise until you realize that you are controlling your lower mind thoughts and not the opposite.

At this point it means that you have managed to create a point of awareness in the material reality that you are living in and you have done a great job! Now you are ready to face other life situations in which you have been like an unconscious robots lost in your thoughts up until now.

Remember to always keep in mind the Point of Awareness developed with the exercises on your car. This Point must always remain active even if you are doing another exercise or activity.

The fact that we descendants are born depleted of our divine feminine spiritual does not give us the right to stay inside the animal mind to nourish it as we have done so far. It’s our duty, for our own love and for those who have fought and been defeated, to develop again our spiritual feminine, which belongs to us as a divine right given to us by our Creators.

Fiorella Rustici
Rebis Group Coach

Translation by Simona Valesi

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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