The New World Order of Love

The question that is coming to my mind in these days is:

“What will the world be like once all this is over?”

My answer is full of hope because I trust that the human beings’ consciousness will awaken from the torpor in which it was deliberately pushed. And I really hope that each one of us will use these days to think, to concentrate his or her own energies on what his/her heart craves instead of letting fate be decided by just a few, as usual. Above all because these few have amply demonstrated that their interest is not ours, that is, they do not have at heart the good of humanity, quite the opposite.

We have always been a step back from those governing us. They created a system where since the very beginning the development of spirituality and conscience was not contemplated, but instead money and the world of economics and finance based on a sad, absurd and unethical competition were worshipped like Gods. They created a system where we have to hectically work 14 hours a day, which by the way never seem to be enough, and get home at the end of the day breathless, with no energy to take care of ourselves, of our true nature, which is spiritual.

We forgot the true meaning of life, which we can win back only if we return to the simplicity of the soul. We stopped loving ourselves and the Divine Flames colouring our hearts. Since this happened, as an inevitable consequence we have also stopped loving all the others and, above all, we all have started to die.

Now, in this situation in which we currently find ourselves, we have the opportunity to put ourselves one step ahead of those who have always decided for us. Let’s start and think about how we want our life to be when all this storm is over. It’s time to switch off cell phones and TVs and sit comfortably, feel our own breath and ask our heart:

“And you, my darling, what do you need in order for you to keep beating for me?”.

We must not be afraid of the answers we will come up with. They will surely shake every inch of our being, because we will finally become aware that as a species we made a lot of mistakes and that we cannot continue to “go forward” as we have done so far, i.e. with our head bowed and without asking questions but only complaining. Because in this way we are heading towards self-destruction and we, citizens, parents, children, friends, etc. know what this means, we know this very well deep down in our hearts. We all know that most of us lead a very busy life that leaves no time for listening to ourselves or for taking care of ourselves and our beloved ones. We have no time to live our life through simplicity, we have no time for joy or for an enriching chat with somebody else nor for meditation. We have no time to develop all those human and spiritual qualities that we need so badly and that for such a long time we have never allowed ourselves… and why? Because we had no time!

So, when will we have time if we never create it?

Where do you think we will get if we go on like this, i.e. destroying ourselves first and then the planet and its inhabitants, all in the name of the “evolution” of the human species? And if we don’t act now that we are talking about this problem and becoming aware of it, how will we feel later on?

I believe time has come for the human species to learn to live as sovereign individuals who form part of a greater whole, and the connection with this whole is found by tuning the frequency of our own heart in order to listen to what He has to tell us. This is the only way we all have to come out of this darkness we entered long time ago. This is the only way we, as a species, can evolve from animals to Real Men and Women.

It is in our hands and it is our duty to make a change and establish the New World Order of Love. We need once again to become rebellious, but rebellious doesn’t mean violent. We must use Love as Force, and the Heart as Intelligence, in order to create a highway of Light for ourselves and all our brothers and sisters, thus enlightening what has always been before us but we could not see because we were head down: Our Power, Our Sovereignty and our Life.

As in these days many of us are at home or at least have more spare time than usual, I propose we make an exercise with the purpose of creating the New World Order of Love, that we will build together.

Now I am talking to each one of you, so that you can in turn talk to your own heart.
During the day, in different moments, listen to yourself and, focusing your attention on the heart, ask yourself:

  • How would you like to live from now on?
  • What changes would you introduce into your daily life?
  • And in the long term?
  • How would you like the world to be and what world would you like to leave to your children or those who will come after you?
  • If you really want to see a change, what are you going to do to change yourself and the world?
  • What lost values would you like to restore?
  • You can also ask yourself other questions that you think are appropriate and answer them.

The answers can be either simple or complex, e.g. “I would like to have more time and energy to be with my child instead of scolding him because I am tired”, or “I would like to have reduced working hours in order to devote more time to my spirituality and to helping those who need help” and so on.

I would be happy to receive your comments, answers or proposals. You can e-mail me at Your ideas will be analyzed by our study group, in which you are obviously invited to participate:

Your help to change the world is fundamental and precious.

Thank you!

Alberto Allas
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Erika Barani

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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