Change will set you free

We have spent our life learning to do things so well that we have been able to do them with closed eyes, and we haven’t realized that we’ve ultimately gone blind. We worked very hard on ensuring that our daily actions became methodical, that our commitments became routine and our duties were consolidated to make our experience available to others.

We have learned to carry out our profession, to drive, to cook, to use computer, to send emails, to fill out forms, to open up practices and we have become faster to do anything we have learned by firmly recording it in our mental archive. So it all seemed easier, less tiring, because it required less energy and time, less concentration and above all we no longer had to be so careful thinking about what we were doing. We automated and therefore we self-anesthetized ourselves.

Unfortunately, our will becomes weak if we don’t use it, exactly like our muscles, and making a change often seems an unbearable difficulty. Ask anyone trying to diet, quit smoking, change their attitude or lifestyle, look for a new job, start going to the gym or do physical activity. Anything that requires a change of route from our habits’ track seems to require enormous effort that often makes us give up. We are formatted in a one-way mode, and what we then call laziness takes on the role of a demon sent on purpose to make us fail.

And if we have someone in the family who has not managed to do exactly what we would like to achieve, our genetic inheritance crashes us with its burden too, making us lose sight of our goals. Change therefore becomes essential to let us emerge from future perspectives that do not belong to us and to find the expression of life that we truly and consciously desire. It doesn’t matter what you change. Change something every day and a sleepy part of you will wake up.

Change is will, consciousness and presence best practice. It takes awareness to decide on a change and it takes presence and will to implement it. If you always walk at the same speed, change your pace. If it is too fast, slow it down. If it is too slow, speed it up. Everyone has his own pace, and it’s different every day. Find your own pace each day.

If you go every day for one-hour walk in the park, change unit of measurement. Take a full lap and even if it’s 52’ it’s okay. You may find out that that fixed hour set up is connected to your great grandfather’s watch duty or your father’s training that are not your life tracks. No track is yours. You have infinity in your hands to choose from.

If you always cook the same dish, cook as if it were the first time, trying to perceive which spice goes well with your ingredients. Create a new symphony of flavors every day, which feeds your creativity and from which your creativity will feed you.

If you are used to doing many things at the same time, try doing only one and savor the meaning of doing that gesture with the attention and presence that is uniquely yours. If you’ve always believed that you can only do one thing at a time, do three at once and savor the power of your multi-functional, multi-creative and multi-dimensional brain.

If you are used to doing things for others, take a day and do something for yourself. If you don’t have a green thumb, take care of plants. If you are modest, flatter yourself. If you are vain, find a place in yourself that is not boasting. Brush your teeth with your left hand. Go to bed at 9pm and wake up early.

It doesn’t matter what you are changing. It is important that you train the act of changing to get out of formatting, of domestication, of a possible future that is not yours. If you find that you are repeating something that has already happened in your genetic family, change immediately. It means that you have entered some of your relatives’ track and you already know where it will take you.

As the researcher of mental mechanics Fiorella Rustici says: “You must keep your referral point here where you live now, and get out of past lives karmas. Each of your ancestors has created one, and you are in danger of jumping from one to another without realizing that you are not living your own life in this time but in a parallel one. If you identify a karma that you are connected to, the moment you understand it, you cancel it and you detach yourself from it but if you then do not change the behavior that activates that karma, you will still fall into the same karma”.

Change is useful to neutralize the tracks we have unknowingly slipped into and which are not necessarily ours. Always be ready for a change. If you are inside a track, a pattern or a karma you will not be able to seize the moment. You will live life anesthetized. By insisting on change, it will be easier to stay awake and always present.

It is the greatest evolutionary exercise you can do in your earthly life, and consequently it will aid your spirit. Change has within itself boasting energy for a new life, just because it brings you novelty. Every change is a rebirth. In a change there is the explosive force of a new existence. Change a little every day, and give life anew a little every day. Change, and the world will change with you.

Change will set you free.

Simona Valesi
Blogger of Rebis Group

Pills of Applied Wisdom

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

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