How to change what you don’t like in yourself with your love

Dear friends,

we have started working to develop our spiritual feminine.

Now, if we want to continue on this evolutionary path, we must continue to practice and develop a spiritual consciousness through which we can exit the animal behaviors inherent in that part of our mind that has an animal origin, namely the reptilian and limbic part.

Animal “mental patterns” or “behaviors” are those in which we express aggression, violence, hatred, abuse, lack of empathy, resentment, brooding, envy, desire for revenge, presumption, submission, resignation, passivity, etc …

So this is the exercise I want to suggest for you today:

  1. If the animal patterns you use in your life are missing from the list above, add them.
  2. Among these behaviors of your animal mind, choose one that you use most or that you don’t like about yourself.
  3. Then you have to get a notebook and every evening, when you have time for yourself, look at each time you have used the chosen animal behavior as if you were the audience of your daily video, and write the episodes in which you expressed it.
  4. If you can, also look at how the person with whom you used it felt (he/she was hurt, became purple and then was aggressive with you, etc …). If you can’t see it right away it doesn’t matter, at the beginning it might happen but at a certain moment of the exercise that you will do daily you will be able to see it.
  5. Continue this exercise and when you understand something, write it down. Remember that it is your consciousness that understands, because the animal mind does not have the positive characteristic to know how to understand something from observation.
  6. Continue this exercise until you realize when, in the various life situations, the animal pattern comes out and you are able stop it. At the beginning it may happen that you’ll notice it immediately after you have already expressed it with someone, but do not worry: it is an intermediate step. So keep doing the exercise.
  7. When you can stop the animal pattern, test another approach: look and listen with love to the other person and see if something changes.
  8. Continue to stop the animal pattern and put love in your communications and choices, and watch what changes in your life.
  9. When you have managed to defeat this first pattern with acts of love, you can move on to another animal behavior.
  10. Address all the animal patterns you have repeated so far, one after the other, using the exercise.

Good luck to each one of you and that love could win over our animal part allowing us to reunite with our infinite love.

Fiorella Rustici
Rebis Group Coach

Translation by Simona Valesi

Pubblicato da Redazione Rebis

Membro gruppo esperti e gruppo redazione di Rebis.


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