The Spiritual Laws

When we talk about spiritual laws, we are talking about a scale of values inherent in the divine mind of every human being. It concerns a series of rules that indicate how we should behave in order to live in ethics and in harmony with ourselves, our brothers and sisters and the planet in which we live.

In practice, it is a code of behaviour that tells us what we should not do and what we should do instead to live in Love. This code was transmitted to us by our creators and we have to respect and pass it on to future generations, so that a true evolution of the species can take place.

Until now, humanity has based its existence on survival, confusing technological evolution with a true evolution of the human race. But the one and only true evolution arises when we understand ourselves and when the Spiritual Consciousness  develops, passing through those moments of awareness that everyone should go through during his or her life.

The Essence was born in a form so that it could experience, understand and evolve in full respect of Life, thus following the code of the Spiritual Laws.

The prevalence of the egoic part has caused the human beings to live moments when awareness is absent and consequently this has led humanity to an absolute self-incomprehension and to misinterpret the true objectives for which it was born, i.e. to develop into more advanced forms through Love, searching for Truth and understanding the mysteries of Life.

Having lost sight of our true purpose, we find it difficult to realize that our life as human beings, as we know it today, is completely anti-natural as far as the spiritual laws are concerned.

Technological evolution makes no sense with no previous inner evolution of the human being. The human being has been using an archaic and inferior mind for millennia that follows animal rules, not spiritual ones, and is closely linked to the reptilian brain and the limbic brain. This mind is therefore easier to manipulate and control and does not allow access to one’s own divine mind.

The human race, throughout its own history, is the living proof of the annihilation of knowledge and the imprisonment of ideas that would lead to a true evolution: simply observe how those human beings who dare to show spiritual clarity are continually denigrated, for instance those who spread ideas and opinions that stray from the consent of the current government, they do so because they are not guided by the lower animal mind and try to wake up other brothers and sisters, aware that Love is the way to salvation, aware that any idea, behavior or attitude that moves away from Love rings like an alarm bell suggesting that something else, something which is not Divine, is creeping in.

Whenever we offend someone, every time we don’t listen to those who think differently from us, every time we close ourselves in our own convictions and fall victim to emotions, when we turn away from cooperation and “live” in competition, when we work and we “live” only for profit purposes … we are far from our true nature, that is, from the Divinity that created us.

An evolved species aware of its divine nature should work together to increase its knowledge more and more, aware that in the end it is God who is working to know himself through his own creations.

An evolved species does not need anyone to guide it, since the true guide is always to be found within oneself together with that Divine code that has been handed down to us.

Knowing these things I can only deduce that our political class and all those who are currently leading the Earth are not aware of the Spiritual Laws, since if that were the case, nothing that ever happened would have happened, i.e. wars, poverty, continuous struggles for power, pedophilia, competition, annihilation of knowledge and spiritual conscience… etc.

All beings who truly care for their brothers and sisters, their people, but also all the peoples on Earth, should have it clear that deception, lies, training for their own profit and exploitation of any conscious living being (including animals) are completely wrong behaviours because they absolutely violate the Spiritual Laws, which are based on respect for life, help and cooperation for a common good,  clarity in every area and justice meant as a quality of the Spirit of Love, not to be confused with the pseudo-justice applied by human beings today.

Those who understand what I am talking about have the divine task to end this model of humanity and help it evolve towards its true nature. They can only do so if they no longer give energy to the game that was created, as it is not our game, they are not our wars. Those who still remember that they are children of Love must observe and spot in society what they have not settled yet within themselves, welcome those mistakes, understand them and transform them without ifs and buts, with the awareness that what they will solve within themselves will also be partially solved within society. This will be an important seed serving as an example to others. This is how the divine part within each of us will have the opportunity to remedy the sleep in which it has lived until today and slowly take over the reins of its own existence.

On the other hand, those who are not ethical and consistent in their thoughts, words and actions, regardless of the place they occupy in society, are not worthy of receiving consent or being followed by any free man or woman.

The divine nature of our hearts is ready to serve ourselves and the others. Let it go ahead and we will see simplicity, Love and true justice return to our lives as it should be. Only in this way will we be able to build a true future of evolution for us and for future generations.

It only depends on us.

Alberto Allas
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Erika Barani

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