H of Homeland

The graphite tip of my pencil broke on the h of homeland. It is a word that we hold between fingers, and confine between lips. We rarely pronounce it, with discomfort and pride, aware that there is great power in its sound. Within this word there is the conscience of people, yet it sleeps in the echo of the silences of the past, and it is managed by war demons and by tormented souls of our fear that we carry in our hearts.

There are many and many ancestors who fought for our homeland and died, too many, so that we can no longer perceive peace in this word, but we only see images that come from an indefinite past that ignite sadness, pain, confusion, rebellion and violence in us.

The contents of honor, love and freedom of our soldiers have been thrown out of the word homeland due to the conflicts, and it is for this reason that we have lost and forgotten that we are one people, and as a result we have ceded the value of this word to the outlanders. To Vikings who have deluded us by promising us greater lands, which do not correspond to reality because they are not really ours. The fascination of globalism with its false promises of borderless peace, equality and wealth has devoured the consciences of all people of Europe, which has become the tummy of power.

We are the succulent banquet of this deception. The nations deep sleep and the total lack of strength in people referred to social and democratic struggles for justice has profound reasons.

It is necessary to overcome demons and recover love for ourselves and our individual conscience to rediscover the conscience of people and the importance of peace, for us and for others.

Let’s tune our hearts and sharpen our pencil tips with our sharpeners to energetically roll up all letters of the word homeland, filling them with courage, simply because it is beautiful.

Alida Sacchi
Blogger Rebis Group

Translation by Simona Valesi

Leggere articolo in italiano: https://grupporebis.org/2020/11/09/p-di-patria/
Leer articulo en español: https://grupporebis.org/2020/11/09/p-de-patria/

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