Collateral Beauty

A great opportunity is hidden inside every difficult situation. Necessity is an extremely strong catalyst for development. It comes to wake us up. It’s a GIFT we must learn to recognize and appreciate. My mother conveyed love for knowledge to me. In desperate deepest moments, words of several masters I’ve got the opportunity to meetContinua a leggere “Collateral Beauty”

How to change what you don’t like in yourself with your love

Dear friends, we have started working to develop our spiritual feminine. Now, if we want to continue on this evolutionary path, we must continue to practice and develop a spiritual consciousness through which we can exit the animal behaviors inherent in that part of our mind that has an animal origin, namely the reptilian andContinua a leggere “How to change what you don’t like in yourself with your love”

Acting with Love

In this period of “crisis” that we are currently experiencing, it is more then ever necessary to remain united as brothers and sisters. And I’m not just talking about the Italian people, people with extraordinary faculties and virtues that years ago welcomed me with open arms and of which I now feel an integral partContinua a leggere “Acting with Love”

The New World Order of Love

The question that is coming to my mind in these days is: “What will the world be like once all this is over?” My answer is full of hope because I trust that the human beings’ consciousness will awaken from the torpor in which it was deliberately pushed. And I really hope that each oneContinua a leggere “The New World Order of Love”

Female Condition or Condition of the Feminine? A Change of Perspective

Listen to the podcast: When we are talking about female condition it seems obvious to think about women and about their centuries-long battles for gaining equal dignity and rights from men. Let us not take into consideration those sometimes appalling news coming from far countries, now reporting sensational neglect of women’s integrity, of freedom, healthContinua a leggere “Female Condition or Condition of the Feminine? A Change of Perspective”